Commercial Access Control Hardware

Access Control System Hardware We Use

The access control systems we install are sophisticated and highly-secure, yet easy to manage and maintain and include a variety of rugged and versatile access readers for card access systems, proximity card reader, biometric readers for hands and iris, and standard keypads.

Bluetooth, NFC & Smart Card Readers

RBH blueLINE N86 Proximity Reader

RBH blueLINE NK86 Keypad Reader

RBH blueLINE BFR-350 Biometric Reader

Proximity Card Readers

AWID SR-2400 Proximity Reader

AWID SP-6820 Proximity Reader

AWID MR-1824, - MC, - HiLo Proximity Reader

HID ProxPoint Plus 6005 Proximity Reader

HID ProxPro 5355 Proximity Reader

HID R40 Reader 6120 Proximity Reader

RBH-FR-360N Proximity Reader

RBH-FR-360N-STO Proximity Reader

Biometric Readers

RBH blueLINE BFR-350 Biometric Reader

RBH BFR-350 Keypad & Fingerprint Reader

RBH BFR-150 Fingerprint-Only Reader


RBH blueLINE NK86 Keypad Reader

AWID KP-6840 Proximity Reader/Keypad

HID ProxPro 5355 Proximity Reader with Keypad

HID RK40 Keypad Reader 6130

RBH Vandal Resistant Keypads

RBH-FK-640 Proximity Reader with Keypad

Long-Range Readers

AWID LR-2000/HiLo Long Range Reader

HID R90 Long Range Reader

RBH-FR-2200 2 Channel Receiver

RBH-FR-4400 4 Channel Receiver

Specialty Readers

AWID NDK-2025LFTM & NDK-2025HFTM Sentinel-Prox™ Proximity Reader

HID MiniProx 5365 (Hazardous Location)

RBH Scramble Keypads

RBH-FR-400VR-HA Vandal Resistant Bullet Proof Reader

AWID Cards

AW-PROXLINC-CS Clamshell-Type Card

AW-PROXLINC-GR Graphics-Quality Card


AW-PROXLINC-GRMAG Graphics Card with Magnetic Stripe

HID Cards

HID-1326-64 – Clamshell type card

HID-1386 – One side Printable Prox Card

HID-1346 Keytag

RBH MIFARE Cards & RBH Transmitters



RBH-TR-2 Keyfob

RBH-TR-4 Keyfob

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