Retail Access Control Systems

Timed, Automated, and Programmable Access Control for your Store

We configure and install retail access control systems that are designed to meet your stores’ specific egress and security requirements.

We offer standalone access control solutions that secure entry doors and record exits with any number of credentials as well as network connected and multi-location access control systems allowing for central management.

Trent’s security consultants, each with over 38 years experience at Trent Security Systems, will work with you to configure and install an access control system that ensures ease of access and security.

Contact us today to discover the superiority and affordability of retail access control systems from Trent Security Systems.

Access Control System Hardware

The access control systems we install are sophisticated and highly-secure, yet easy to manage and maintain and include a variety of rugged and versatile access readers for card access systems, proximity card reader, biometric readers for hands and iris, and standard keypads.

AxiomV Access Control System Interface

Retail Access Control System Features

  • Browser & Mobile Access

  • Photo ID Badging

  • Video Verification

  • Multi-Store Capable

  • Asset Tracking

  • Security Alarm Integration

  • Scheduled Access

  • Easy Administration

  • Card, Biometric, and Code Access

  • CCTV Integration

  • Multiple Access Levels

  • Asset Zones & Alarms

  • Lighting & HVAC Integration

  • Traffic & Access Logs

Access Control System Maintenance & Expansion

Have you just moved to or planning a move to a new store and need help with the existing access control system?  Do you need some assistance maintaining an older or existing system?

Our technicians are versed in a wide variety of access control equipment and can help you get your system back on track or upgrade and improve.

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AxiomV Access Control Management System

The AxiomV Access Control System Management for is for large and multi-site/multi-tenant applications. AxiomV seamlessly integrates Access Control, Alarm Monitoring, and Video Surveillance into an elegant and versatile building management and security system.

AxiomV brings together the different aspects of building security management into an elegant and versatile software platform.

AxiomV Access Control System Diagram

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