Industrial Fire Alarm Inspections & Testing

Fire Alarm Inspections & Testing, Maintenance and Service

We provide Annual Fire Alarm Inspections and Testing, maintenance, and services for industrial buildings.

Our Fire Alarm Technicians are certified to conduct Fire Alarm Inspections & Testing and Fire Alarm Maintenance services by the CFAA (Canadian Fire Alarm Association).
We also provide ULC-Certified Fire Alarm Monitoring.

Our CFAA-Certified Fire Alarm Technicians, most educated at Fleming College, have decades of experience inspecting, testing, and maintaining fire alarm systems from all manufacturers in all types of commercial buildings. Our Fire Alarm Technicians also participate in regular training and testing to ensure their proficiency and that they’re up to date with the latest protocols and equipment.

Canadian Fire Alarm Association

We also carry a wide selection of fire extinguishers and a full-range of fire alarm parts & accessories, including: initiating devices and notification appliances.

Request a Fire Alarm Test and Inspection

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ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring

We are the only ULC Certified Alarm Monitoring Station in Central Ontario, providing ULC Listed Alarm Monitoring Services for Fire Alarms.

Our ULC Listed Alarm Monitoring Station provides is compatible with all Fire Alarm types and can be easily connected to your Fire Alarm Control Panel.