Medical Distress & Fall Detection Alarms

Peace of Mind for You and Your Family

Medical Distress & Fall Detection Alarms allow senior citizens or those with medical and mobility issues to live independently.

Discover the simplicity, affordability, and peace of mind a Medical Distress Alarm from Trent Security’ and our 24-hour ULC-certified, Local, Alarm Monitoring Station.

Our PERS-4200 Medical Distress Alarm Kit is proven product with decades of reliability.  The kit includes a long-range wireless, waterproof push-button pendant or wristband.

One push of the button on the pendant or base station will send an signal to our 24-hour monitoring station to queue dispatching of first responders.

PERS-4200 Medical Distress Alarm Kit Features:

  • Plug in and Go – Easy Setup!

  • Push-button Wireless Pendant

  • Connects to a Regular Phone Line

  • Active Monitoring 24/7/365

  • Optional Fall Detection Pendant

  • Cellular Connectivity Available

Rental Pricing

  • $20/month – PERS-4200 System

  • $5/month – Additional Pendants

  • $20/month – Alarm Monitoring

Purchase Pricing

  • $325 for PERS-4200 System

  • $50 – Additional Pendants

  • $84 – Fall Detection Pendant

  • $20/month – Alarm Monitoring

3 month minimum Rental Term.  Installation Fees may apply (if we install).

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PERS-4200 Documentation and Reference Guides: