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Safety & Security for your Home

Our consultants, each with over 38 years experience at Trent Security Systems, will work with you to configure a security system that ensures your family’s safety and security.

Discover the superiority and affordability of a home security system from Trent Security’ and Alarm Monitoring through our ULC-certified, inhouse, alarm monitoring station.

PowerSeries Security Systems Feature:

  • Easy Install & Upgrades

  • Wired and Wireless Systems

  • Direct Line Systems

  • Internet Monitoring

  • Sirens & Audible Alarms

  • Near Zero Maintenance

  • Multiple Sensors & Detectors

  • Automatic Dialer Systems

  • Cellular Back-up

  • ULC Alarm Monitoring

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Sensors and Detectors for Every Application

  • Glass Break Detection

    Glass break intrusion detection is an early intrusion detection mechanism that works in conjunction with motion detectors and shock detection sensors to alert your system to any unauthorized entry by breaking through a window or egress with a window pane.

  • Motion Detection

    Wired and wireless motion detectors can be installed anywhere inside or outside. We offer a variety of different motion detectors for different applications, most with pet detection to prevent false-alarms.

  • Smoke, Heat & Fire Detection

    Wired and wireless photoelectric smoke and heat detectors can be installed anywhere in your home and connect directly to your security system. At the press of a button, or in the case of fire alarm that isn’t silenced, your security system will alert and dispatch the local fire department.

  • Natural Gas Detection

    Combustible gas detectors are necessary when your home has natural gas or propane. Get an early alert at the first detectable sign of a gas leak.

  • Water Detection

    Water detection sensors and flood detectors can save your basement and home from disastrous flooding caused by failed sump pumps.  Water sensors will detect rising water in the sump hole and alert you.

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    Contact Sensors

    Contact sensors can provide a chime alert when a door is opened/closed and provide intrusion detection when your system is armed. Often complimented with shock and glass breakage sensors to ensure a failsafe security perimeter on every window and egress.

  • Shock Detection

    Shock detection sensors add failsafe layer of security to glass breakage & contact sensors and motion detectors. Able to detect the slight vibration caused by a breaking window or someone breaking down a door.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detection

    Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas is caused by all types of combustion, CO detectors alert when there are increasing levels of CO.  Natural gas/propane appliances and gas or wood fireplaces create the potential for excess Carbon Monoxide gas to build up in your home.

  • Low-Temperature Detection

    Ensure your pipes don’t freeze with temperature detection sensors or that your home or greenhouse isn’t getting too hot.

  • Sirens & Audible Alarms

    Installing indoor and outdoor alarm sirens and strobes can provide alert chirps and sound when your system is triggered.  Sirens often deter would be intruders and can help alert neighbours and passersby of intrusion attempts.