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Quick Tips from Trent Security Systems

What are the Components of a Basic Security System

A basic security system consists of a control panel which functions as a central computer, receiving messages from a number of sensors that act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the system.

If the system is armed and a signal is received by the panel it automatically dials an Alarm Monitoring Station via a built-in telephone communicator. The Alarm Monitoring Station operator then dispatches the appropriate authorities.

Keypads located near common entry doors and in the bedroom area allow you to control the system. Any number of other products make up a system.

These may include:

    • Magnetic Contacts protect doors and windows that open
    • Motion Detectors (Infrared detectors) detect movement within a defined area
    • Glass-break Detectors protect windows and glass doors
    • Panic Switches, both wired-in and wireless, can be manually operated
    • Sirens sound the alarm at the premises
    • Smoke Detectors detect any smoke in the house
    • Low Temperature Detectors detect a heating failure
    • CO Detectors detect a build up of Carbon Monoxide
    • Water Sensors to detect rising water in sump holes

Home Security Tips

    • Ensure that shrubs and bushes are cut back so they don’t provide a hiding place
    • Ensure all exterior doors are solid core with high-quality locks and dead bolts
    • Exterior doors should be equipped with through-door viewers
    • Ensure that window locks are in good working order
    • Use a hockey stick or similar object to secure patio doors
    • Don’t let strangers into your home
    • Don’t give strangers any information over the phone
    • Ensure adequate exterior lighting and that it is in good working order
    • Install timers for interior and exterior lights

Vacation Security Tips

    • Have newspapers and mail stopped or picked up by a neighbour
    • In the winter, have a neighbour drive on your driveway on a regular basis
    • In the summer, have someone cut your grass
    • Test your smoke detector at least twice a year
    • If you own a pool, ensure fencing is in good condition and gates are locked
    • Ensure that all tools and ladders are locked away
    • Invest in a security system!

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